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Transferring And Selling Domains

How to send your domain to another owner.
We shall discuss methods for both .zil and .crypto transfers, the .zil smart escrow service, and other services you can use to sell your domains.


Tranfers Via Unstoppable Domains

To transfer your domain on the Unstoppable Domains website is the same for both .zil and .crypto.

When you click MANAGE in your account you will see a few options at the top of the page. MANAGE and TRANSFER (also ESCROW for a .zil domain).

Click TRANSFER and enter the recipients address.

This won't cost you anything to do. It's basically gifting the domain.

Why not create a 2nd account and try it for yourself?



This is a unique service from Unstoppable Domains for .zil domains only. It allows users to place their .zil domain safely on the blockchain awaiting payment before being sent to the buyer.

This means that it's 100% safe to use for both parties, sellers and buyers.

Sellers won't lose their domain, or have it stolen. It will only be transferred once payment has been sent from the buyer.

And the buyer is safe in the knowledge that the domain they want to buy is locked away until they pay. No-one else will be able to quickly buy it, and it's guaranteed to be the domain shown in the Smart Ecrow Contract.

Everything verifiable.

Now you just need to sell your domain...


3rd Party Sites For Selling Domains

We've mentioned before. This is a great place to sell your .crypto domains (no .zil option yet). It's very easy to use, and you can buy and sell directly from the site itself (as long as you have an account).

There are also a few other 3rd party sites offering listing of domains. You can't buy directly thought them (yet), but you can find sellers contact details and set up a sale through, either, Unstoppable Domains or Opensea (.crypto only).

These are;

DomainExchange.zil (click the compass)