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Finding Domains, Websites, WhoIs Information And More...

You may wish to find the owner of a specific domain, the linked crypto addresses, or discover the website (IPFS content) that is connected with a domain. There are a variety of ways to do this, each with their own pros and cons.
*These methods may change in the future as the space grows and evolves.* 


Unstoppable Domains

If you head over to UnstoppableDomains and search for a domain the results will show you if the domain is available to buy or is taken.

If taken you will then be able to see the crypto addresses linked with the domain, and an option to send the owner some if you wish. You will also have the contact email address of the owner and if the domain is for sale.

This does depends on if the owner has added in this information or not. If they have chosen not to add any details then nothing will appear.

For now, Unstoppable Domains doesn't show a link to any IPFS content, or any redirected links, that may be connected with the domain. For that we'll look at (.zil and .crypto), and (.crypto).

2 - For .zil And .crypto Domains

At Viewblock you will be able to see all .zil and .crypto domains that are owned in a searchable list.

You will first have to click on the 'Unstoppable' account that holds all the information. Or, in your address bar, enter from here you can search for domains, scroll through filtered results, and find (if added by the owner) the WhoIs information, if the domain is for sale, linked IPFS content, and any redirected links connected. These appear as little icons.

The Dollar sign signifies if the domain is listed as for sale. If it has a score through it (as pictured, left) then it is not for sale.

The Avatar image shows the address information of the owner.

The Envelope links to the WhoIs information (if available).

The Compass is the link to the website (IPFS content).

The Paperclip signifies there is a redirect link.

3 - For .crypto Domains

Opensea is techniically a marketplace for NFT's (Non-Fungable Tokens, or digital property), but as .crypto domains are a piece of digital property you can find them here too.

Similar to Viewblock you will have to search for the Unstoppable Domains section of the site, or in your address bar type Here you can search for specific domains or scroll through them randomly.

Once you've found the domain you're interested in and you've clicked on it, in the new page it will show you the owners name, but unfortunately no means of contacting them (yet), and a brief description of what the NFT is. In this case a .crypto blockchain domain name.

Also listed here (if available) will be a link to the IPFS content if there is one contected. You can also find the crypto addresses linked with that domain in 'Properties'.


Unstoppable Browser and Extension

You can now download the Unstoppable Chrome Extension. This means you can now type your .zil/.crypto address into the address bar of the Unstoppable Browser or Chrome and/or Brave, and have your site resolved just like a .com. Example, I typed in 'thebasics.crypto' and the browsers now immediately find ipfs://thebasics.crypto/ and load the IPFS content.

The Unstoppable Browser also lets you run an IPFS node - "By running an IPFS node you are helping to support the decentralized web and it provides a peer-to-peer network similar to file sharing services like BitTorrent." More info here.


Unofficial/Community Groups

If you're looking for just live blockchain websites, the Unstoppable community are compiling a list of live sites on Telegram -

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