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Adding Your Crypto Addresses

Your domain does NOT hold your cryptocurrencies.
You are just adding the addresses of your crypto wallets, and linking them with your domain name to make a human-readable crypto address.


Honest and Dependable

Click on MANAGE next to your domain in your UnstoppableDomains account.

This opens up your domain settings. Here you can add your crypto addresses.


Choose Your Preferred Crypto

You can add as many or as few cryptocurrencies as you like. If you don't see the crypto you'd like to use, be sure to click on the ADD button for a list of addition coins

Full list here.


Save To The Blockchain

Once you've carefully added all your addresses, click on SAVE to save these changes to the blockchain.

If your updating a .crypto domain you will have to sign for the changes via your web3 wallet (MetaMask etc.)

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