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Buy An Unstoppable Domain

These domains are not linked to ICANN domains.
These domains have no renewal fees, and are yours for life.
These domain names double-up as human-readable crypto addresses.
These domains are uncensorable -
Only you have the power to change/remove the content. 


Choose your crypto of choice

Head over to UnstoppableDomains and search for your domain. If your choosen domain name is already taken you maybe able to contact the owner to strike a deal. Look for the WhoIs information.

You may find your chosen domain name is 'Protected'. This means UnstoppableDomains are waiting for the Brand owner to claim their domain. If this Brand is yours you can claim it for free here.

Domain names with 5 letters or less are being held back until a further date...


Pay With Crypto Or Fiat

Once you've added your domain to your cart you can choose to pay with crypto or credit card, or store credit.

Once you've paid you will have to claim your domains to your wallet, as they are self-custody domains and are now soon to be in your possession, and your responsibilty.


Claim Your Domain

Depending on whether you have bought a .zil or a .crypto domain will depend on how you claim your domain, as both are on seperate blockchains (.zil on Zilliqa and .crypto on Ethereum).

To claim your .ZIL domain follow this usefull guide here.

To claim your .CRYPTO domain follow this usefull guide here.


You Now Own Your Domain


You can now add all your crypto addresses and use your domain name as a human-readble crypto address.

>Adding Crypto Address Guide...


Other Blockchain Domain Services

Apart from Unstoppable Domains, there is also the Ethereum Naming Service (ENS), and FIO who offer blockchain domains. The image (right) briefly explains the pros and cons of each.